Print Exchange Six

    The rules: dah dah dah dahhhhh!
    By signing up for this exchange you agree to make an edition of 12 prints. You will be exchanging for 10 prints. Meaning, you send 12, you get back 10. One of your prints will go into a fun raiser to help fund this Free website and it's projects. The other print will be go on display at various venues and then the archives.

    First Show: Designers' Art Market, Bonita Springs, Florida (Robert Viana's Location)
    Othe shows to be announced if Possible.

    The prints that we receive will be scanned and placed on a gallery page for all to see. This page will have links back to the Artists own website or homepage if they choose to. (hint, hint - for sales...)

    Medium: Any hand pulled, press pulled printmaking process. SORRY, NO DIGITAL PRINTS OR GICLEE'S
    Colored or B&W. Your choice.

    Theme: Homage (interpret as you will)

    Image size: fit on the paper silly!

    Paper size: No smaller than 4" x 6" & No larger than 8" x 10" (this should give folks a good choice)

    Paper type: open

    Registration period: Sign up is open until July 5, 2008

    Drop-out deadline: July 1, 2008. Email the coordinator to drop out by this date. (don't be a quitter)

    Delivery deadline for finished prints: Your 12 Prints must be post marked by July 5, 2008. Coordinator's address is at the bottom of sign up. (Please try not to hold up the exchange)

    Exchange mailing deadline: August 2008. Your print's will be mailed back to you by this date.

    Delivery information: You must enclose 12 prints, (THEY DO NOT HAVE TO BE NUMBERED) a self-addressed mailing label, and sufficient return postage (in the coordinator's native currency or postage).
    If you do not know the exact amount of return postage, please send more than you think will be required, for example $10 for USA to USA delivery, $20 for international delivery.
    You will not get prints back if the return postage is not paid by you. Sorry, but we can not afford to pay this for you.
    Please deliver your prints in a package that can easily be reused for shipping the collated prints back to you. See for precise rate information. In the USA, the best way to send the prints is Priority Mail -- the post office will even provide the box! It is $3.95 to $5.75 for up to 2 lbs depending on distance.
    For Global Priority Mail (outside the US), enclose $11 to Canada, $13 to Mexico, $15 to Europe, $16 to Australia, Japan, New Zealand

    I hope that covers everthing. Any comments or questions- just use the contact button at the top of any page.

    There is NO limit to the amount of people that can sign up. You will be exchanging for 10 random prints from different printmakers!

    * When your prints arrive safely, your name on the list below will be marked with this: prints arrived
    Once mailed check back in a few days to make sure the list is updated this way we can keep good track of all artwork.

    Mail Prints to:
    Mike Heenan
    1214 Buckingham
    Grosse Pointe Park, MI 48230

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    List of participants:
    1. Mike Heenan - (coordinator)
    2. John Holdway
    3. Mark Carpenter - prints arrived
    4. Heidi younger - prints arrived
    5. Leta Medina - prints arrived
    6. Brenda Butka - prints arrived
    7. C. Stephenson-Gibbs
    8. Susan Trubow
    9. Ulrika Andersson - prints arrived
    10. Carol Lynn Kirchner - prints arrived
    11. Earl Kirchner
    13.William Joel
    14. Rosemarie Vasquez
    15.Estrella Payton

    16. Alberto Torres Cerrato - prints arrived
    17. Shawn A Smith - prints arrived
    18. Jamshed Aziz
    19. Charlie Touvell - prints arrived
    20. Guadalupe Victorica
    21. Mellissa Read-Devine
    22. Pamela Conway Caruso - prints arrived
    23. Jasmine Begeske - prints arrived
    24. Kathryn Higgins