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Steffan Ziegler "Conshohocken to the Curve"
Printmakers Exchange Three -Steffan Ziegler - Traffic & Weather

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Print Exchange Three

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Medium: Woodcut
Paper Type: Kitikata, with two or three proofs on Hosho Pro
Paper Size: 8" x 10"
Image Size: 8" x 5.5"
Ink Used: Daniel Smith water soluble relief ink, and watercolor paints suspended in japanese stationary glue

This is a "whimsy print" based upon my commute to work in Cherry Hill NJ from Philadelphia PA. Traffic would jam up daily on Hwy 76 in a stretch known as "conshohocken to the curve," and I'd sit looking at all these ways of getting around, and all of them would be locked up for about an hour

(An earlier version of this print was made in 2003, but I was unhappy with it, and the blocks were altered significantly in-between. This set has been printed in another medium with entirely different colors, and is more to my liking.)
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